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1. Data Protection  
Data protection The protection of your personal information is very important to Maschinenfabrik Köppern GmbH & Co. KG and our subsidiaries. In the following we describe which personal data we…  
2. Plant and Machinery  
Plant and Machinery Modular construction for customized flexibility Briquetting moulds of different shapes and sizes can be provided, and the materials and treatments used are tailored to…  
3. Locations  
The Köppern Group The Köppern Group is a modern, high-tech German group of companies at the forefront of roller press technology for various processes related to the fertilizer, cement, minerals and…  
4. Process Technology  
Process Technology Energy-saving advanced technology High-Pressure Grinding The energy-efficiency of crushing and grinding processes is becoming an increasingly important issue for the…  
5. Process Technology  
Process Technology Comprehensive and customized The use of roller presses for briquetting or compaction processes allows material to be produced to a defined size, enabling its inherent…  
6. Plant and Machinery  
Plant and Machinery Set-up and operation of the 2-Stage Koesep The 2-Stage Koesep includes two separation stages in only one housing. First the product of the HPGR is fed into the static part for…  
7. Ores  
Contact Agricolastraße 24 09599 Freiberg Germany T +49 (3731) 2018-0 F +49 (3731) 2018-20 info@koeppern-kat.de Downloads Ores Innovation leadership Following the successful application…  
8. Applications  
Applications Benefiting a wide range of industries HPGR technology is based on a concept very similar to Köppern’s traditionally successful roller presses for briquetting and compaction. Continuous…  
9. Pilot Plants  
Pilot Plants Helping you find the best solution With its HPGR pilot plant facilities and specialist staff, Köppern is in a unique position to advise and assist customers in assessing the…  
10. Plant and Machinery  
Plant and Machinery High-pressure grinding rollers (HPGR) During the high-pressure comminution process, rather than being crushed between the roller surfaces, individual grains or particles…  
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2018.06.19  -  2018.06.22 Mining World Central Asia Astana, Kazakstan

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