Applied Industrial Technologies teams up with Koeppern Service Canada to service the potash industry

Applied Industrial Technologies (Applied) has been successful at providing solutions and creating value for our customers in Canada for over 60 years. As one of North America's largest industrial disrtibutors, Applied supports the Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) operations of businesses in virtually every industry segment, providing a wide range of bearings, mechanical power transmission components, material handling, lubrications and specialty products.

With Canadian headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Applied prides itself in understanding customer requirements and having the technical staff to provide solutions that make the customers more efficient and increase service levels to committed customers. One such opportunity was realized in late 2013, when Applied teamed up with Koeppern Service Canada (Koeppern) to distribute their compactor parts across Canada.

Having commenced operations in Canada in 2010, Koeppern began serving the Canadian potash industry by supplying replacement parts and technology consulting as well as installing and maintenance servicing for Koeppern compactor machines in service at the many potash mines in Canada. With a large territory and increasing demand for technical support, Koeppern realized that they require a larger infrastructure to support customer requirements. Koeppern began investigating alternatives that would allow them to continue to provide technical support for their product, while at the same time ensure timely delivery if those same products.

This is where Applied came into the picture. Having served the potash industry since its inception in Saskatchewan, Applied had the technical expertise and knowledge of all the potash customers in the area. Full life cycle distribution has always been a strong point of Applied's offering and when Koeppern was looking for someone to assist them in warehousing and distributing their technical products, Applied was a perfect fit. Applied and Koeppern reached a distribution agreement makingApplied the exclusive distributor of Koeppern compactor parts in Canada. To enhance the partners Koeppern moved its existing technical support office and parts inventory into the existing Applied service center located at 3077 Faithful Avenue in Saskatoon. Koeppern's technical group now works hand in hand with Applied's technical sales group to create optimal solutions for their compactor customers. Applied warehouses all the Koeppern compactor parts and utilizes the existing logistics system to create shipping synergies of all products being shipped to the end user potash customers. Local compactor component inventories in Saskatoon allows for expedited delivery should the need exist.



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