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51. Cement  
Contact Agricolastraße 24 09599 Freiberg Germany T +49 (3731) 2018-0 F +49 (3731) 2018-20 info@koeppern-kat.de Downloads Cement Focus on cost efficiency Uninterrupted HPGR availability and…  
52. Applications  
Applications Streamlining the cement industry More than 500 HPGRs are in use in the cement industry today, mostly for the pre-grinding of ball mill feed. This technology enhances the capacity of the…  
53. Pilot Plants  
Pilot Plants Helping you find the best solution The parameters for selecting the machine sizes to be used have been accurately evaluated through scientific research work. For cement plants, which…  
54. Plant and Machinery  
Plant and Machinery High-pressure grinding rollers (HPGR) During the high-pressure comminution process, rather than being crushed between the roller surfaces, individual grains or particles…  
55. References  
References Established throughout the world Since its launch in 1996, Köppern’s unique HEXADUR® wear protection solution for high-pressure grinding rollers in the cement industry has established…  
56. Process Technology  
Process Technology Energy-saving advanced technology High-Pressure Grinding The energy-efficiency of crushing and grinding processes is becoming an increasingly important issue for the cement…  
57. Contact  
Factory/Delivery Maschinenfabrik Köppern GmbH&Co.KG Ruhrallee 6 45525 Hattingen Germany Download Contact Maschinenfabrik Köppern GmbH & Co.KG Königsteiner Straße 2 45529 Hattingen Germany…  
58. Apprenticeships  
Contact Daniel Scheiker, HR Königsteiner Str. 2 45529 Hattingen Germany T +49 (2324) 207-221 d.scheiker@koeppern.de Links Ruhr University Bochum Technical University…  
59. Briquetting  
Contact Königsteiner Straße 2 45529 Hattingen Germany T +49 (2324) 207-0 F +49 (2324) 207-207 sales@koeppern.de Downloads Briquetting with Roller Presses With the sale of our first roller press in…  
60. Cold Briquetting  
Cold Briquetting Cold briquetting is a widely-accepted process for the compaction of granular material. Using roller presses for the briquetting process, material can be compacted to a defined form…  
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2024.05.03  -  2024.05.04 Berufsinformationsmesse Ruhr Bochum, Germany

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Mr. Daniel Scheiker, General Manager Human Resources

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2024.06.02  -  2024.06.05 Cemtech Asia Jakarta, Indonesia

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2024.06.18  -  2024.06.19 Future Steel Forum Stockholm, Sweden

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2024.09.03  -  2024.09.05 ABM Week 8th Edition Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Mr. Stefan Bremer, General Manager Sales

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2024.09.09  -  2024.09.12 Exposibram Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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2024.11.26  -  2024.11.27 The Mining Show Dubai

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