Specialists in high-pressure grinding

Köppern’s long history is linked to the utilization of roller presses in briquetting and other compaction processes. A major technological breakthrough came with the introduction of high-pressure comminution in the mid-1980s. This innovative application for the cement and minerals processing industries required a completely new approach to the question of wear protection for these high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR). 

To meet the new requirements, Köppern developed a unique wear protection system patented under the HEXADUR® brand. These technological advances have resulted in a significant drop in machine time-outs caused by wear and repairs. For our customers, the resulting increase in productivity, coupled with a parallel reduction in energy consumption, enables them to compete more successfully in their own market segments.

Moving to a new production facility in 2002, coupled with the continual replacement of machine tools with new and larger equipment, has enabled Köppern to manufacture the very large roller presses required by the industry. In facing the challenges of the future, we believe in cementing our partnerships by maintaining our promise of excellence through continued research and customer dialog. 

Research and Development
High-pressure comminution process research is a fundamental element of process design in the cement and ore mining industry. Köppern has several semi-industrial sized pilot-plant facilities currently installed at the Bergakademie Freiberg, the University of British Columbia and also at other research institutions such as ALS Ammtec in Australia and TOMS in Russia (Irkutsk). Read more about R&D