Focus on cost efficiency

Uninterrupted HPGR availability and efficiency are of paramount importance to cement producers. Therefore they expect a technically reliable and cost-effective wear protection solution for their HPGR rollers that maintains proper operation even under severe service conditions.

For the comminution of cement clinker as well as other highly abrasive feed materials such as slag, the HEXADUR® wear protection solution ensures a substantially extended, uninterrupted service life in comparison to hardfacing or wear-resistant castings.

Due to the specialised manufacturing process, the initial costs (CAPEX) for rollers fitted with HEXADUR® tires are higher than for welded rollers. However, during their significantly longer service life, HEXADUR® rollers generate considerable cost savings due to their very low wear rate. They also benefit from their even usage pattern, which provides consistently good operational conditions in terms of throughput and grinding efficiency. 

The higher entry costs of the HEXADUR® system are therefore more than compensated by cost savings over time (OPEX) resulting from maintenance- and trouble-free operation.

Focus on low space requirement
In particular for grinding circuits with HPGR applications, Köppern developed the combined air classifier “2-Stage Koesep”. The patented set-up combines a static cascade stage with a dynamic high efficiency stage, both of a very compact design. Grinding with the 2-Stage Koesep effects savings in specific energy consumption of the plant and an increased production capacity. SeparatorsRead more about 2-Stage Koesep

Research and Development
High-pressure comminution and air classifying process research is a fundamental element of process design in the cement industry. Köppern has several semi-industrial sized pilot plant facilities currently installed at the Bergakademie Freiberg, the University of British Columbia and also at other research institutions such as Ammtec in Australia and Institute TOMS in Russia (Irkutsk). Read more about R&D