Streamlining the cement industry

More than 500 HPGRs are in use in the cement industry today, mostly for the pre-grinding of ball mill feed. This technology enhances the capacity of the downstream ball mill and reduces the total energy consumption of the grinding process by up to 50%. The adoption of high-pressure grinding throughout the cement industry has generated enormous savings in energy and wear-material costs.

However, in many applications, excessive wear of the rollers limits the economical use of HPGRs. The HEXADUR® wear protection system, developed and produced by Köppern, is the optimal solution for all customers experiencing excessive roller wear. As a universal industry solution, HEXADUR® tires can be fitted to HPGRs of all suppliers.

Correct sizing of HPGRs is important in order to meet throughput requirements and achieve the desired product fineness. The parameters for selecting the machine sizes to be used have been accurately evaluated through scientific research work. For cement plants which generally treat similar feed materials, grinding test work is normally not required because equipment layout can be reliably determined using a process database based on the utilization of HPGRs in many commercial plants.