Innovation leadership

Following the successful application of roller presses for briquetting and compaction, Köppern developed new and innovative solutions that have revolutionized the productivity of the crushing and grinding process for many materials. 

Keeping the basic concept – converting fine materials into agglomerates by applying high pressures between two counter-rotating rollers – in mind, Köppern also found that inter-particle comminution in a material bed is the ideal solution for the crushing and grinding requirements for many materials. Initially introduced for clinker and slag grinding in the cement industry, high-pressure comminution has now made its way into the hard ore and minerals sector. Whilst contradictory at first sight, the roller press as a single machine technology can be successfully applied in both briquetting and compaction as well as comminution. 

Improved Cost-Efficiency
The high-pressure grinding roll (HPGR) is emerging as an important comminution technology in the minerals processing industry. In direct competition with grinding by semi-autogenous tumbling mills (SAG) and ball mills (BM), the technology has found its key application in primary comminution and also in the liberation of diamonds. Compared with SAG and ball milling, the HPGR process consumes significantly less energy, which in turn leads to a reduction in operational costs coupled with a positive environmental effect.