Benefiting a wide range of industries

HPGR technology is based on a concept very similar to Köppern’s traditionally successful roller presses for briquetting and compaction. Continuous development of innovative wear protection materials, press frames, drive trains and hydraulic systems has paved the way for Köppern’s entry into the cement, minerals and mining industries. Here, the roller press is used to grind coarse feed material by applying a high pressure between the rollers.

While high-pressure comminution is already a well-accepted and proven technology in the cement industry (read more), it has also increasingly penetrated applications in the processes of iron ore pre-crushing and pellet feed preparation as well as diamond liberation.

Other ores and minerals that are suitable for size reduction using HPGR technology include gold, lithium, copper, nickel, bauxite, vanadium and molybdenum. Their success in raising comminution efficiency and saving energy has placed HPGRs in direct competition with traditional and conventional grinding technology.

Some further materials currently being treated in HPGRs are: slag, limestone, coal and basic ceramic materials.