Pilot Plants

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With its HPGR pilot plant facilities and specialist staff, Köppern is in a unique position to advise and assist customers in assessing the suitability of HPGR technology for their mining process requirements.

The use of HPGR machines in minerals processing plants requires special attention to these issues:

  • Pilot plant HPGR tests are necessary to evaluate the ore performance and to assess process and energy efficiency
  • Careful assessment of ore body and definition of best/worst-case scenarios
  • HPGR feed preparation is of paramount importance in order to extract the maximum benefit from the HPGR technology
  • The treatment of HPGR products and the handling of process recycle materials needs to be evaluated

Our technical center in Freiberg is equipped with two HPRG units for comminution tests. One of the presses is a smaller machine particularly suited to determining the degree of wear inflicted on the rollers by the material being ground.

The other press is an industrial-scale machine especially for testing the comminution behavior of different materials for grinding. The machines can be equipped with either HEXADUR®, studded or welded roller surfaces. They are connected to the central operating data collection system to facilitate the preparation of test reports. Additionally, different static and dynamic separators as well as screens are available for feed preparation and product screening.
Test work can also be carried out at Köppern’s facilities in Australia and South Africa, at the University of British Columbia in Canada and at Institute TOMS in Russia (Irkutsk).
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In addition to the economic advantages, the benefits of HPGR technology in comparison to conventional crushing/grinding circuits are evident:

  • Short-term availability of equipment
  • Shorter installation commissioning time
  • Steady process throughput and the ability to adjust process parameters to changing ore properties
  • Potentially fewer crushing stages
  • Reliable test work and scale-up

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