Plant and Machinery

Modular construction for customized flexibility

A fertilizer compaction / granulation plant comprises four groups of machines and equipment which carry out the following process steps:

  • Storage, dosing and mixing
  • Compaction
  • Size reduction and classification
  • Finishing

Effective movement of the feed material around the plant is ensured by various transportation devices, such as bucket elevators and belt or trough chain conveyors. Read more about compaction process technology

In fertilizer applications, Köppern mainly supplies roller presses equipped with tires with profiled surfaces that are shrink-fitted to the roller body. This enables the compaction tools to be exchanged at the end of their service life. Screw feeders are used to feed material to the compactor, ensuring a forced feed of the material to the rollers. This provides deaeration and pre-compaction of the feed material.

Fertilizer compaction is influenced by numerous parameters which determine the sizing of a roller press and its operating conditions. 


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Roller Press for Compaction
original_14.jpg main_drive_14.jpg hydraulic_system_14.jpg material_feeder_14.jpg material_feeder_with_platform.jpg press_frame_14.jpg rollers_14.jpg
original Main Drive Hydraulic System Material Feeder Material Feeder with Platform Press Frame Rollers