Plant Upgrades

Modernization means progress and improvement

The 2-Stage Koesep is specially developed for roller press (HPGR) applications. Using the HPGR in semi-finish grinding mode, overgrinding in the ball mill is reduced. This results in lower specific energy consumption and at the same time an increased production capacity of the grinding system.

Particularly profitable is an upgrade of a closed circuit ball mill grinding circuit. Here savings in specific energy consumption are in the range of 25 - 30 %.

The upgrade of a grinding circuit with HPGR in pre-grinding mode reduces specific energy consumption up to 20 %.


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Kreislauf_Koesep_en.png Kreislauf_Koesep_en_01.png Kreislauf_Ball_Mill_en.png Kreislauf_GBWM_en.png
original HPGR in semi-finish grinding mode with 2-Stage Koesep Ball mill with dynamic classifier in closed circuit HPGR in pre-grinding mode with return of flakes

The plant downtime during an upgrade is kept at a minimum. Due to the compact design of the 2-Stage Koesep most of the installations are accomplished while production is still running at full capacity with the old system.


At a cement plant in Austria, the integration of the 2-Stage Koesep and the switchover to the new grinding circuit were realized with a downtime of 40 hours only.

For more information regarding the plant upgrade in Austria, refer to the articles in the download section.