Process Technology

Improvements by 2-stage separation

One of the most efficient cement grinding technologies is an HPGR operating in semi-finish grinding mode. Compared to a closed circuit ball mill grinding circuit with a dynamic air classifier, specific energy consumption is reduced by approximately 30 %.

The Köppern 2-Stage Koesep is a combined separator comprising two separation stages in one compact housing. It is specially developed for HPGR applications operating in semi-finish or finish grinding mode. Due to its compact design the 2-Stage Koesep is well suited to upgrade existing grinding plants.

Using the 2-Stage Koesep, only one compact separator is necessary to operate an HPGR in semi-finish grinding mode. Grinding circuits with the 2-Stage Koesep offer numerous advantages compared to equivalent combined air separation systems, such as:

    • deagglomeration, coarse and fine separation in one compact machine
    • significantly reduced space requirements for both separation stages
    • reduced investment cost for building and material handling equipment due to low construction height
    • easy plant upgrades due to compact design

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