Cost Efficiency

Longer service life, lower running costs

Uninterrupted availability is of paramount importance to HPGR users. They expect a technically reliable and cost-effective wear protection solution that maintains proper operation even under severe service conditions. The HEXADUR® wear protection solution ensures a substantially extended, uninterrupted service life compared to hardfacing or wear-resistant castings.

® rollers generate considerable cost savings due to their very low wear rate. Their even usage pattern also provides consistent operational conditions in terms of throughput and grinding efficiency over their entire service life.

As a result, the higher entry costs (CAPEX) of the HEXADUR® system are more than compensated for by cost savings over time (OPEX) resulting from energy-efficient, maintenance-free and trouble-free operation.

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At Norcem AS for example, maintenance-free operation of HEXADUR® rollers in cement grinding has provided convincing proof of concept for this wear protection system. It has been shown that costs can be reduced by up to 75% over time through full operational availability over a prolonged period.

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HEXADUR® Chronology

From the 19th to the 21st Century

New HEXADUR® roller dimensions up to 2,000 mm diameter


Redevelopment of the
large mill line


Development of special tile design for slag grinding


First edge-protected HEXADUR® installation

First application of Köppern HPGRs for gold and diamondiferous ores


Development of C-Frame® for easier maintenance


First installation of macro-profiled HEXADUR® surface


First HEXADUR® installation
for slag grinding


First HEXADUR® installation in cement grinding


Largest HPGR
(roller diameter 2.1 m,
machine weight 353 tons)