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HEXADUR® - the optimal wear protection for the cement industry

With the inherent disadvantages of conventional HPGRs in mind, Köppern has pioneered the development of a new generation of highly efficient wear protection for HPGRs. Our objective is to achieve a commercially attractive combination of:

  • stable throughput over the full service life
  • significant energy savings through improved grinding efficiency
  • long service life
  • high availability
  • low operating costs.

Based on years of intensive research and development, the HEXADUR® wear protection system has reached maturity as the optimal solution against roller surface wear. Several HEXADUR® product variants are available for different applications. Read more about applications 

The two-part design consists of a wear-protected tire shrink-fitted onto a roller core. The multi-material HEXADUR® System has many advantages over conventional HPGR roller surfaces:

  • Small and evenly distributed surface abrasion assures consistent flake production and minimizes maintenance
  • Consistent material intake and throughput due to the autogenous wear protection layer ensures constant grinding performance and reliability
  • Roller cores may be reused after the service life of HEXADUR® tires, as cracks in the cores initiated by welding do not arise

These unique features result in:

  • an even usage pattern that provides consistent operational conditions in terms of throughput and grinding efficiency
  • more reliable costing due to a long service life coupled with a low incidence of damage, maintenance and downtime.

As a universal industry solution, HEXADUR® tires can be fitted to HPGRs of most suppliers, and Köppern is able to offer customized solutions for specific applications:

  • Different wear-resistant powder-metallurgical surface material compositions
  • Different surface profiles
  • Made-to-measure rollers up to 2,000 mm in diameter

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HEXADUR® Chronology

From the 19th to the 21st Century

New HEXADUR® roller dimensions up to 2,000 mm diameter


Redevelopment of the
large mill line


Development of special tile design for slag grinding


First edge-protected HEXADUR® installation

First application of Köppern HPGRs for gold and diamondiferous ores


Development of C-Frame® for easier maintenance


First installation of macro-profiled HEXADUR® surface


First HEXADUR® installation
for slag grinding


First HEXADUR® installation in cement grinding


Largest HPGR
(roller diameter 2.1 m,
machine weight 353 tons)