HYBRIDUR® Wear Protection for HPGRs in the Ore Processing Industry

Challenge and solution for the mining industry

Product and Performance
Köppern HYBRIDUR® tires for HPGRs represent a distinct improvement in wear protection qualities and are especially suited to ore grinding applications in the mining industry. They combine an innovative, highly wear-resistant edge protection solution with proven stud-lining technology on the roller surface.

The outside edge-protection layer consists of elements made of hot-isostatically pressed (HIP) powder-metallurgical material, which is tougher than tungsten carbide and more wear resistant than hardfaced materials. Each element is attached to a tough and tensile steel base mounted on the tire with two large and sturdy bolts. The elements are each housed in a single pocket, giving a high level of protection at the sides. While the HEXADUR® system is ideal for the cement industry, the HYBRIDUR® stud-lined roller surfaces are the wear-resistant option for ore-grinding applications.

The unique design of the HYBRIDUR® system means that there is far less chance of chipping at the edge of the roller in comparison to the standard construction. Here, either smaller and brittle tungsten carbide elements are dovetailed directly into the tire, or larger hardfaced protection elements with less wear resistance are welded or bolted onto the tire body.

Cost Efficiency
HYBRIDUR® rollers generate considerable cost savings due to their durability and length of service life. The efficient protection helps to avoid the wash-out at the edges of the rollers that causes production down-time for edge-protection replacement, or even the destruction of the entire roller. This in turn reduces costs arising from loss of production, excessive maintenance as well as capital investment for the replacement of spare parts. As a result, the higher entry costs (CAPEX) are more than compensated for by cost savings over time (OPEX).

In addition to iron ore, other ores and minerals that are suitable for size reduction using HPGR technology include gold, copper, nickel, bauxite, vanadium and molybdenum. Their success in raising comminution efficiency and saving energy in these areas has placed HPGRs in direct competition with traditional and conventional grinding technology.

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