RESIDUR® Wear Protection for Compaction/Briquetting

Challenge and solution for difficult compaction and briquetting applications

Product and Performance
Köppern RESIDUR® tires are specially designed to enable a considerably longer service life for both hot and cold briquetting processes. Instead of being fitted with tiles, the entire surface of the tire ring is coated with hot-isostatically pressed (HIP) powder-metallurgical material, which is highly wear-resistant and especially advantageous when processing very abrasive materials. Using electrochemical machining (ECM), the hollow briquetting moulds or the surface structure for compaction are then worked into the ring surface as required.

Today, most briquetting presses are constructed simply with a steel ring or segments, leading to excessive abrasive wear at the partitions between the briquetting moulds as well as inside the briquetting moulds. In contrast, the RESIDUR® powder-metallurgical surface coating retains its form for a considerably longer period. Experience shows that the service life of RESIDUR® tires can be as much as five times that of conventionally constructed rings. RESIDUR® is a major advantage for specialized applications.

Köppern also develops custom-made solutions according to customers’ specific requirements.

Cost Efficiency
RESIDUR® rollers generate considerable cost savings due to their longer service life and lower maintenance costs. As a result, the higher entry costs (CAPEX) are more than compensated for by cost savings over time (OPEX) resulting from energy-efficient, maintenance-free and trouble-free operation. In the hot briquetting of converter or iron dust for example, it has been demonstrated that when taking account of purchase, installation and maintenance costs, the overall processing costs could be reduced by 72% when using RESIDUR® tires.

RESIDUR® proves its worth where standard solutions are not sufficiently effective for the job. Typical specialized cold briquetting applications can be found for example in the metallurgical industry, such as briquetting of iron ore or steel mill residues.

The RESIDUR® powder-metallurgical surface is also particularly advantageous for two major applications in the area of hot briquetting:

  • Passivation of direct-reduced iron (DRI) to turn it into the more convenient form of hot-briquetted iron (HBI) for transportation in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Hot briquetting of converter or iron dust in the steelmaking industry in order to return the considerable amount of dust produced during the conversion process back into the primary steelmaking process

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