Process Technology

From individual machines to full-scale plants


Köppern does not just supply both individual roller presses for briquetting, compaction and comminution and air classifiers for HPGR grinding units. We are also in the business of designing and constructing complete (or partial) plant facilities incorporating roller presses and air classifying machinery. R&D in the area of process design is essential in order to be able to give our customers the top-class solutions they expect from Köppern.

Drafting the process - in order to satisfy the material flow requirements for a particular project, the right combination of ancillary units or machines needs to be determined. These in turn must be carefully selected and accurately specified e.g. for size and performance, and correctly interfaced to optimize the material flow under operative conditions for the entire plant facility.

Physical construction - our so-called basic engineering phase is concerned with the physical parameters of the material flow process, such as:

  • the relative spatial positioning of the various items of machinery and equipment to ensure cost-effective production as well as efficient access and maintenance
  • short conveyor-belt stretches, coupled with suitable gradients to preclude back-sliding of the feed material
  • correct angles for the connecting chutes and pipes to ensure the feed material is properly transported with respect to gravitational forces.

These items concern the basic process engineering rather than the architectural and building construction work, which do not form part of Köppern’s scope of offer.

Control system - we provide the functional specification for the programmable logic control (PLC) system i.e. which process element takes place when and where, and under what conditions. The PLC programming work itself is included if necessary.

Development of ancillary equipment - we undertake the development of ancillary equipment for:

  • Roller surfaces and briquetting tools
  • Process-relevant equipment such as classifiers and separators, or
    de-agglommeration, granulation and briquette-separating units as well as feeder constructions for roller presses

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