From simple inquiries to complete concepts

Backed by decades of experience, Köppern offers its customers the support of qualified engineers and technical advisers who are able to assist in:

  • analyzing process-related problems, and
  • providing solutions to optimize your operations and increase your production.

Our advisory portfolio ranges through:

  • Project studies
  • Scope of basic engineering evaluations
  • Selecting the best form of wear protection
  • Feasibility testing in our labs or at an industrial-scale pilot plant

Project Study
As a prospective customer, you will need reliable information for your business case prior to finalizing your investment - especially for major projects that may have a duration of several years. Köppern can provide you with an initial project (or plant) study covering such topics as:

  • Mass flow diagram
  • Flow sheet - representation of the compacting system with flow lines, quantities, physical and chemical data, operating conditions
  • Equipment list
  • Plant layout and description
  • Estimated investment cost
  • Manpower estimate for supervision of erection and commissioning
  • Manpower estimate for local erection and commissioning personnel

Scope of Basic Engineering
This document is designed to facilitate the final investment decision, or to accompany the finalized purchase of the plant. It can also help to save time in the preparation phase of the plant infrastructure.

The scope of this engineering package goes much further than the project study by providing detailed specifications of each item of mechanical, electrical or process-related equipment.

Wear Protection
The adoption of high-pressure grinding technology over the last 25 years has led to significant energy savings as well as reduced costs for wear material. On account of our pioneering development of the state-of-the-art HEXADUR® wear protection system for high-pressure grinding rollers (HPRGs), this is an area in which Köppern is particularly qualified to advise on selecting the right wear protection solution for any given set of parameters. 

The experience and know-how gained through this development has also been incorporated in our briquetting and compaction technology.

Depending on the material and process parameters, you can choose from:

  • Standard pressing tools
  • Pressing tools with a hardened surface
  • Pressing tools with a special steel surface
  • Segmented-surface tires
  • Köppern’s unique HEXADUR®HYBRIDUR® and RESIDUR® solutions